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New Aesthetic(RHS Concert)

Caylei Crews


On the 23rd of February RHS had a special guest. All students with a 3.3 GPA and above first semester got invited to a private concert with “New Aesthetic.”  New Aesthetic plays mostly pop punk or Melodic Hardcore. They have been performing as a band for a little less than a year. New Aesthetic mainly creates all their songs with a mix performing covers here and there.

The band is from San Diego and it consists of 4 members, 2 of whom are RHS alumni! Gabriel Munoz (RHS Grad), Matt Anlecker (RHS Grad), Mathew Ludwig, and Dylan Guzman.

The band started as 2 boys who went to the same musical summer camp (Mathew Ludwing, and Dylan Guzman). It was like the “School of Rock” as they called it. They connected over their love of the same genre of music. The boys talked about how they would get made fun of for the type of music they all lived for. So it was a really special moment for all of them when they finally played together and had instant chemistry. 

During the show, the whole gym was alight with excitement and energy. The band started by playing their new song ‘June’ followed by a few songs from Blink 182, and Bruno Mars. The band knew how to entertain a crowd. There was lots of singing and dancing along with smiles from all faces. While the band was playing ASB was doing a great job of hosting the Ramona High students. This Friday was one for the books.

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