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Opening Night for Dance’s Breaking Boundaries Spring Show

Hannah Cole


Opening the first of three nights centered around Ramona High School dance class performances, the show on April 25th began with a police chase between cops and robbers! The chase was between several dancers including Tater Simon as a robber, outfitted in an orange tee and black shorts, running away from the ‘cops’. The Cops vs Robbers dance was choreographed by Grace Walter, a junior in the Dance Productions class. The show played out to Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”. 

The next performance, named “We Like to Sparkle”, was a collaboration between Mr. Marshall’s class, for students with disabilities, and the Dance productions class. Students joined hands and lit up the room dancing to the Trolls movie soundtrack in matching shirts. Mr. Marshall’s students were ecstatic to be there and the dance made them sparkle. 

The next dance featured Ellie Odenwalder as she performed a solo to a cover by Lotte Kestner. She wore a mystical dress adorned with blue butterflies to dance in her solo, which she named “Butterflies in my Stomach, " symbolizing moments of anxiety.

A duet performance from sisters Charli and Tater Simon was also meaningful and sweet as the dance highlighted their close relationship as sisters. They danced to “Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles creating an emotion-filled and symbolic duet as this would be their final show together. 

Coral Renteria Pequeros put on an awe-inspiring dance based on those of Pacific Islanders. Her strength and stamina throughout the dance were amazing as she danced at an incredible pace for over three minutes. She broke boundaries.

Another Dance, “Dance To My Command,” showcased Indian culture as 11 dancers performed wearing coin belts. 3 dancers, including Kaylin Marashi who created it, spun around with red and black fabric leaving the audience in awe.

The opening night of the 2024 Spring Dance show, Breaking Boundaries was a night to remember! The performances were both captivating and entertaining. 

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