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Ramona High School Air Band

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Katherin Thompson

October 7, 2023

Ramona High School's annual Homecoming is a cherished tradition, celebrated with the iconic Air Band competition. This year, the school was treated to an extravaganza of music, dance, and sheer enthusiasm from all four classes, each representing a different theatrical classic.

In fourth place, the Sophomores took on the challenge with their performance of "Footloose." While they might not have secured the top spot, their energy and dedication was undeniable, with their upbeat choreography and fun costumes that left a memorable impression.

In third place, the Juniors put on a show with their "Teen Beach Movie" theme. The sunny vibes and catchy tunes from this modern classic film brought smiles to the audience's faces. The Juniors showcased their creativity by portraying the theme perfectly, with beachwear and surfboards, making you feel the "Teen Beach Movie" ambiance.

However, it was the Freshmen who stole the show, securing a close second place. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they embraced a "Barbie" theme. Decked out in pink, with a Barbie box prop and dazzling costumes, the Freshmen captured the essence of this iconic toy and transported everyone to a world of imagination and playfulness.

Finally, in first place, the Seniors left a mark on the Homecoming field with their spectacular performance inspired by the movie "Grease." This was a bittersweet moment for the class of '24, as it marked their last Air Band performance. The Seniors channeled the spirit of the iconic film with electrifying dance moves, and a sense of unity that could only come from four years of shared experiences. It was a fitting tribute to their high school journey and a farewell to their Air Band legacy.

In the end, it was a show of extraordinary talent and spirit, with each class giving their all to create a memorable Homecoming. Ramona High School's Homecoming Air Band competition reminds us all of the power of creativity, teamwork, and school spirit. Congratulations to all the classes for a spectacular show, and here's to the memories made at Ramona High School's Homecoming.

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