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Robbie Landers


The school’s Environmental Awareness Club is eager to share the event they’ve been working on for the last few months. In collaboration with the organization Treeplenish, students in the EAC are planning a town-wide tree-planting event. 

On April 20th, students in collaboration with the EAC will be planting trees all over local residences that order them. The varieties of trees being planted are Babcock Peach, Picual Olive, and Royal Blenheim Apricot trees. 

The goal of this event is to get more local varieties of trees planted and to educate the Ramona residents on sustainability and environmental preservation. By planting saplings all over the world, we can attempt to offset our carbon footprint and improve the state of our environment. 

To help with the event, please sign up to volunteer with the EAC students at their website. You will receive volunteer credit applicable to NHS and other volunteer work opportunities.

The Environmental Awareness Club aims to educate local Ramona High School students on the importance of preserving the environment we, and many other species, call home. They host events such as the Tree Planting Event to spread knowledge on sustainability concepts and involve the community in conservation efforts.

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