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Club Rush and Halloween

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Caylei Crews

November 1, 2023

October 31st was an exciting day and one to remember. It was Club Rush at RHS which included each club advertising themselves at lunch. Each club had a table circling the quad and gave out candy so the students of Ramona high school could ‘Trick or Treat’. In total there were 13 clubs around campus that each had a little something to say about the reasons to join their club:

American Red Cross is a club created to organize blood drives. The club is dedicated to “saving lives.” They believe having a part in something larger than yourself is a great opportunity, one that not many people have.

Caffeinated Chapter Chasers is a club enthusiastic about reading. They maintain a “good energy” and have a positive “bonding experience" for anyone who wants to join.

Computer Gaming is a space where you can be free to “game at school” in a safe and fun environment. You can also play video games with your friends and other students.

Connect Team’s goal is to to help new students to fit in and to help process the stress from moving to a new school. They want to help “eliminate most stress if not all”. Connect Teams wants to make newer students feel more “included and more comfortable”.

Creative Arts club is a place where students can be free to express themselves through art. The Creative Arts Club does art “projects for the holidays”. The artwork is displayed around campus, the club is passionate about campus beatification.

Dungeons and Dragons is a fun and exciting club. They play a fantasy game that helps develop puzzle solving skills and it is also a great way to relieve stress.

Environmental Awareness is somewhere that the RHS Bulldogs can learn about the environment, and actually help improve the environment. The club will present you with clean up and volunteer opportunities.

Femineers is an engineering group that is made up of only women, and is devoted to “empowering women”. This club helps enhance “teamwork” skills and looks great on college applications.

Gender and Sexuality Awareness is a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and more to be themselves without judgment. It values community and being yourself without harsh judgment.

Just Serve is a fun and “low commitment" club. Just serve is committed to helping others. It looks outstanding on college applications and you also get a crumble cookie if you go to enough meetings.

National Honors Society is a community service forum that helps students with tutoring and gives back to the community by volunteering. It helps kids connect with one another and it also looks really positive when applying to college.

Ramona Junior Chamber is a club that focuses on helping students better understand the world of business and becoming an entrepreneur. It created different fundraising events to better Ramona and help those in need.

Royal Alliance is an award winning organization with a fun community of people. It focuses on musical talent and helps students achieve their true potential.

All of these clubs are very special to the Ramona High atmosphere. These individuals all have dedicated their time and effort into something more than just academics. Ramona High School has done a truly amazing job with harnessing young minds and molding them into something great. They hold their annual club rush every year on Halloween. So watch out for next year, RHS may even top this year's stellar choices!

On another note Halloween at RHS was nothing short of fabulous. Ramona High's very

own ASB held costume contests, which had different categories such as, Partners in Crime, Jaw Dropping, Funniest, and Creative. The whole lunch period was filled with laughter and bustle. Most of the school came out to see the excitement. Faith Walsh was MCing, she kept her energy upbeat and the crowd was constantly laughing. The music was spooky with some classic hits from the 2010’s and it was truly a day to remember in the eyes of RHS.

If you have any questions about these clubs please feel free to send us a message!

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