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Dance Productions: Winter Show

Caylei Crews

December 9th, 2023

This weekend, Ramona High's very own Dance Productions held its annual winter concert. 21 acts were performed each day. Dance Productions has 3 different groups; intermediate dance, beginner dance, and dance productions. The show was filled with bright lights and amazing dancing. It completely sold out the first night as most of Ramona came to watch the show. The themes varied from dads to dolls. It was truly a feat to watch, everyone had been preparing for this show for months. “Since the beginning of school, we have been working towards this” Sydney Mazula disclosed. It was evident that they had all worked hard and put in the utmost effort during and outside of school. 

Dance Productions is a class offered at Ramona High that is open to all regardless of dancing abilities. It is a great place to create long-term friendships and grow as a dancer. “You get to experience that high school feeling” Tihensuhe Luna expressed. She also mentioned its incredible place in creating bonds with new people. Another dancer, Sydney Mazula, said her favorite part of dance productions is Ms. Cameron and the people. She spoke about how much she loves the energy and the atmosphere.

Dance Productions is a wonderful choice for new students who want a strong community and positive environment. 

Dancers are often known for their before-show day rituals. Ramona High's Dance Productions is no different, the whole team gets together and has a ‘Good Luck Circle’. This circle includes all groups, intermediate, beginner, and DP(Dance Productions). This is a place where everyone can be together before the show and wish luck to all. However, this isn’t the only thing some of the dancers do to ensure good luck, Sydney Mazula has a ‘Lucky Bobby Pin’ she wears in her hair. “Even if I have my hair down, I hide it in my hair ... it’s a good luck pin”. 

Dance Productions is a big part of Ramona High’s atmosphere. It inspires creativity and passion in the bulldogs. Could this be the class for you?

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