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Deck the Halls and Dodge the Balls

Uma Zurcher

December 8th, 2023

The high school was excited as the dodgeball tournament reached its pinnacle. Amidst the thrilling clashes and gripping throws, one team emerged victorious. The winning team, the Peanuts, made up of 6 boys,  Lucas Winkler, Atticus Enriques, James Knowd, Colton Simpson, Ty Edmunson, and Justin Jarrett, led by Coach Christian Depola and Ryann Wilson, showcased an exceptional display of skill and unity. In an exclusive interview with the winning team, they unveiled the secrets behind their success. When asked about their winning strategy, the team unanimously credited their meticulous preparation. "Yes, we do have a strategy for winning,", "We watched a lot of films."

However, their success wasn't solely built on tactics; it was underpinned by genuine Friendship. When asked: "Are all of you guys friends?" The response was unequivocal, "Yes, yes," they chimed in unison. Upon winning, the team's emotions were a blend of satisfaction and inevitability. "How does it feel to win?" Their answer was reflective of their confidence and dedication, "It feels great, like it should have happened.” The Peanuts have expressed they knew from the beginning that they were meant to win. Watching the ‘Peanuts’ win was a prize for all of Ramona High, they showed true sportsmanship and bulldog pride. 

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