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First Swim Meet

Henry Pepich


The Bulldog swimmers had their first meet against the Escondido Charter White Tigers this past Friday, February 23rd, at the Bulldog Aquatic Center. This was an exciting time for all the swimmers, who had been training hard in preparation for this meet. We talked to some of the swimmers and asked them a few questions about this upcoming season. 

We asked boys team captain Jayden Mitchell what his favorite thing about swimming is. He had a lot to say, but stated, “I really enjoy being around my friends. Getting new best times with them is always a blast.” 

There’s a lot of events at every swim meet, ranging from relays to solo events, and including all four strokes. We spoke to Jayden about his favorite event to swim, and why he loves it, “I love swimming the 50 freestyle. Sprinting is just super exciting.”

The swim season is just starting up, and lot’s of fun events are just around the corner for the bullfrogs. We wanted to find out what the swimmers are looking forward to this season. 

Talking to girls team captain Kayla Gomper, we asked what she was looking forward to most this season. She told us “I'm looking forward to the Mission Viejo trip, and maybe getting a league title.” The Mission Viejo meet is a large meet with only the best swimmers from the area surrounding Los Angeles, so the competition is sure to be tough for the bulldog swimmers attending this year. 

We also wanted to hear from the coaches, and see how they’re feeling about this season and this team. Dustin Walter, assistant coach of his so called “JV Legacy Team” was more than happy to give us some answers. 

Coaching is a big job with lots of responsibilities. When asked why he decided to start coaching, Coach Walter told us, “I did lessons with younger kids to help them learn to swim. I really enjoyed that, and so I decided to keep coaching at higher and higher levels and ended up here.” Coach Walter said that there's lots to love about the team this year, with a variety of different athletes and personalities. When asked what his favorite thing about the team this year is, he told us “Everyone is really hard working and I appreciate that. They want to do well.”

We're excited to see more from the Bulldog swimmers this year, and hope to see them succeed. If you are interested in attending a meet, the meet schedule will be posted in the Bulldog Resource Center.

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