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Football Senior Night

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Uma Zurcher

October 27, 2023

The Senior Night of the Ramona High football team was a recent event, for which we had the opportunity to interview the high school football coach, Coach Baldwin. The interview shed light on the unique aspects of the game and players that have captivated hundreds of fans schoolwide.

Coach Baldwin emphasized that he believes, "The best thing about football is that it's the biggest team sport in the world. There's no other sport with so many players." He continued, saying, "We have 11 guys on the field for every play, and what makes it special is that each player must do their job for the team to succeed. If even one player doesn't do their job, it can break down, so it truly enforces the idea of teamwork and brotherhood."

Additionally, all three players interviewed said they would miss the brotherhood and the friendships formed on the team. The emphasis on teamwork is a fundamental aspect of football. With each player contributing to the team's success, the bonds formed on the football field often translate into lifelong friendships. The coach explained how the intense training and dedication required in football, both in the weight room and under the scorching summer sun, put players to the test, fostering a sense of unity that lasts a lifetime.

Currently, the team consists of 20 seniors, but what's even more impressive is that a handful of these seniors have their sights set on playing college football. This aspiration is a testament to their commitment and skill, as the coach noted, "About 4 to 6 of our seniors have the desire to play college football. They will have the opportunity to do that, but it takes a lot of commitment when the season is over. When asked if there was a standout player due to the progress they've made, Coach Baldwin was quick to mention Adrian Enriquez. He praised Enriquez for the tremendous progress he made during the past year but was sad to add that injuries cut his season short. "Adrian Enriquez has worked incredibly hard, and his performance this year was phenomenal. He was one of the top running backs in the county," Baldwin remarked.

Another player he mentioned was Jamil Kasad, who was an All-Conference player as a Junior but unfortunately, hurt his shoulder. He said, "But all the Seniors this year have made phenomenal progress, with each of them showing great improvements in all areas." The conversation then turned to the future of the team. With a younger roster on the horizon and uncertainties about which division they will compete in, the coach expressed his hopes for continued success. "For the future, we're definitely going to be a younger team with many new faces. We're not sure if we'll remain in Division One, but we'll keep working hard to achieve success," he concluded.

Football's allure is not just about the game itself but the life lessons it imparts. It teaches teamwork, unity, commitment, and the value of hard work. As these young athletes forge friendships and strive to reach their goals, it's clear that the spirit of football will continue to thrive both on and off the field and doesn’t just end in high school.

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