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Girls Volleyball Senior Night

Rylan Slade, Caylei Crews, Valen Frederick

October 22, 2023

On October 20th, the Girls Volleyball Team held their Senior Night against the visiting Vista Panthers. The Senior Night celebrated Sofia Bombard, Peyton Cooley, Maddie Shults, Annalyse McCormick, Abigayle Jerrell, and Taytum Stanley. We were able to talk to 5 of the 6 seniors and ask them about their experiences in the Ramona Volleyball Program as well as plans for the future after High School.

We had the opportunity to speak with Middle Blocker Sofia Bombard, Libero Annalyse McCormick, and Defensive Specialist/Opposite Hitter Payton Cooley. We talked to them about their favorite memories from their Senior season.

Sofia's favorite moment was "[When I] tripped Jovi mid game and watched her face plant in front of everyone."

Annalyse's response was "The time Jovi fell on top of my legs and we both got stuck."

Peyton's stand out memory from the season was "[When it was] game point and Kalina got [hit] in the face."

Each senior had a special memory and connection to the Ramona Volleyball program, it was filled with fun and laughter throughout the season. Since some are going to pursue a higher education, we asked them what their future plans are beyond high school.

Madison Schults, Middle Blocker, was happy to comment, “[I want to] pursue a career in physical therapy. I really want to go to Point Loma Nazarene down in San Diego [to complete] my four years and graduate with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology.”

The Ramona Girls Volleyball Program had a very experienced bunch of players, some who had played volleyball for most of their lives. Tayum Stanley, Defensive Specialist, has played with the Ramona Volleyball program for four years, and more including club teams “I’ve played volleyball for eight years, and yes I enjoyed them all.”

This was a great year for Girls Volleyball, each senior brought a great quality to the team. Each and every one will be missed. The seniors will go on to do great things, and bring what they learned from the volleyball program into their lives.

*Photo: Ace Crew Athletics*

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