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KUSI is Coming to RHS!

Mason Dwork

October 20, 2023

This week before 8:30 on Friday, KUSI News Station will be coming to Ramona High School for an alarm clock pep rally. KUSI goes around to different schools in the area for the whole 10 weeks of the regular football season to highlight the different schools' sports programs and spirit. It has been 4 to 5 years since KUSI has covered Ramona High School so getting to school early to show your spirit not only will look good for Ramona as a community but it will also help highlight the many programs RHS has to offer. This can give the community some insight on what goes on in Ramona High School. It is rumored by Mrs. Rodriguez that students who attend the alarm clock pep rally early will gain class points and other prizes! This is a good opportunity to show your community your bulldog pride. We highly encourage any students who want to show off their school spirit to attend.

The news commentator is also a former Alumni and Cheerleader at RHS who would love to see how much the sports teams and Ramona has grown as a whole. So if you, as a student, are on the fence about attending the alarm clock pep rally, make sure to show up early and show the community of Ramona what we have to offer!

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