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KUSI Pep Rally

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Henry Pepich

October 31, 2023

The Ramona Bulldogs woke up bright and early on October 27th to attend the KUSI “Alarm Clock” pep rally. With students and staff arriving at RHS as early as 6:45 with hopes of being featured on TV, this was no ordinary pep rally. KUSI News’s own Allie Wagner was on scene with her camera crew to record the whole thing. This feature was part of an ongoing series with KUSI called their “Alarm Clock Pep” rally series, where they visit different schools across San Diego county for spirit events. The spirit was certainly high at this pep rally with performances from the cheer and song teams, as well as appearances from the football team and some spirit games.

We interviewed one cheer team member, Sophomore Shayla Lowery, and asked her how it felt to represent RHS on TV, “It was really good. I really liked performing, and even though I was nervous I still had a lot of fun.” The Cheer and Song teams helped to keep the energy high and maintain the fun atmosphere for this exciting event.

The football team also helped to ‘carry’ the pep rally forward, with an exciting and energetic run on, carrying their teammates overhead. We talked to Kicker Angel Duarte about how it felt running into the gym, “It was a great experience with my team, and it was super fun! I loved being able to represent my school and my team.” He also said, “It was so cool to have the whole team be interviewed on TV. It was actually my first time being on TV ever.” And when asked how he felt the game would go against Fallbrook, he replied in classic kicker fashion, “Oh we’re definitely winning with a field goal.”

The energy wasn’t just high on the ground either, we talked to students in the stands from the classes of 24’, 25’, 26’, and 27’ and asked them some questions about the pep rally.

Freshman Kami Middleton said it was “Totally epic” to be on TV for the first time, and that she really loved the spirited atmosphere. “As a Freshman, this was only my second pep rally, but it was awesome!”

When asked what her favorite part of the pep rally was, Claire Odenwalder, ASB member and Sophomore replied, “Getting to stand in front of my class and cheering with them was great. I love when our class gets excited and spirited.”

The Junior class had a lot of fun too. Elijah Perez described the energy of the pep rally as “Super exciting and super loud. Everyone was having a good time, and I was happy to be there.”

Finally, we talked to Senior Lily Polemis and asked her what she was going to miss about RHS pep rallies, “I'm gonna miss them a lot! Especially how hype everyone gets, and seeing everyone in the same place is just so cool!”

This pep rally was certainly a success, with great school spirit and exciting times for everyone. Having KUSI on scene to report certainly made the mood even more electrifying, and we look forward to the next RHS pep rally.

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