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Outstanding Teachers

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Rylan Slade

November 4, 2023

The RHS Newsletter conducted a vote where the Student Body selected two exceptional teachers who they believe are deserving of recognition for their continuous outstanding efforts as a teacher. There were two teachers voted “Most Outstanding”, Mr. Morfin (28.2% of votes) and Mr. Jordan (21.5% of votes). We were able to sit down with both of them and get to know them a little better.

Mr. Morfin: Mr. Morfin has been teaching for 12 years, 11 of which have been at RHS. He is a self proclaimed “product” of the Ramona Unified School District, as he attended Mt. Woodson Elementary, then Olive Peirce Middle School and eventually graduating from Ramona High School. When asked why he decided to pursue a career in teaching, Morfin detailed his experiences prior to time at RHS; Despite always having an eye on a career in teaching, he ended up getting a degree in sociology and became a social worker, which he said was a job that he really enjoyed. However, he ultimately “went back to what he liked” and ended up going back to school and earning his teaching credential. Morfin finds his role as a teacher to be a very rewarding one, stating that at the end of every school year watching his current and former students completing their High School journey is what he finds the most fulfillment in. Mr. Morifn is also more than just a teacher, we asked him about his interests outside of teaching to which he responded: sports and family. He enjoys watching all types of sports as well as trying to stay active by playing sports whenever possible. Being a father, he talked about how much he enjoys spending quality time with his son and family.

Mr. Jordan: Mr Jordan who is an alumni of Ramona High, graduating in 1989, has been teaching for a total of 29 years. This will be his 27th year as a teacher at RHS, as he is currently teaching World History and AP European History. When asked why he became a teacher, he responded candidly by saying “[I] came back from backpacking in Europe and I needed a job.” He then went on to talk about how prior to returning to RHS he found a job in education at a Los Angeles private school where he spent the first two years of his career. This seemed to be a perfect fit for him early on, as work at a private school does not require a teaching credential. However, he did go on to get one. He prefaced by expressing his fondness for teaching “ I liked it.. I thought I was good at it so I got my credential.” Following this he came back to RHS as a teacher in 1997. We asked him about his favorite memory from his nearly 3 decades of teaching, though he couldn't pick any particular one, he did show us a filing cabinet filled with all the kind words students have written in letters, emails, and cards throughout the years. His interests and hobbies outside of being a teacher include: coaching the RHS Boys Soccer Team, where he has found much success, traveling, and spending time with family.

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Liam H.
Liam H.

Well done!

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