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Scholarship Night

Caylei Crews


Senior scholarship night took place on May 24th in the RHS PAW. Numerous seniors throughout RHS received money for their future because of their crowning academic and student achievements. Each student was voted for by the specific scholarship they applied to.

Mr. Charelton was spearheading this project for the seniors. We had the opportunity to talk with him about his goals for the night. He hoped to reward all students who had put in the hard work and effort, so they would feel appreciated by the community and Ramona High. In addition he hopes that the younger students will really ‘kick into gear’ and start to really try in their studies because of the this program.

We talked to Laura Sutton, winner of 4 scholarships. She won the Optimist International of Ramona, Ramona Teachers Association, Ramona High school PTA, and finally Ramona Broadway Club scholarships. The total winnings were around $2,000. Laura will use this money to help her study psychology at Grand Canyon University. Her goal is to be able to help children and teens with mental health issues. Sutton expressed her gratefulness for the opportunity to be able to help others.

Ramona united methodist church attended this fun filled evening with the goal of recognizing students who have served their community in a positive way. It was really imporatnt to reconize students that had gone above and beyond for their community. The church gave out $500 scholarships to Eva Ettore and Cami Gilbert. Finally the methodist church wants to leave the graduation class of 2024 with the parting words of ‘Give Forward’.

Congratulations to the seniors that brought home prize money! Make sure if you are in the junior class you submitt aplications next year for the chance to win.

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