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Student Senate

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Caylei Crews October 4, 2023

The student senate is a group of RHS Bulldogs that will give the students at Ramona High a voice. It will give an opportunity for students to express their thoughts and feelings on issues and problems at RHS. Mrs. Rodriguez, the principal at Ramona high, is creating this group to give all people a chance to speak up about their opinions. “Not all students have that opportunity, even though we try to…I’m looking for a space for students to have some input into those things that happen on campus.” She wants to make this available to everyone, regardless of their academic achievements. “A really diverse group”, as she called it. There will most likely be representatives from each ELT class, possibly even two so there can be an alternative.

Mrs. Rodriguez’s goal is to make it so even if you don’t get chosen, you are able attend the meetings to speak out on topics that you are passionate about. There will be a limit on the number of students able to attend, but it will still be a great chance to really impact Ramona High in a positive way. Since the students chosen will be representing their ELT’s, Mrs. Rodriguez decided to bring the decision making process back to the source, the ELT class itself. She wants each student to be heard, and she plans to accomplish this by using the representative's to speak on behalf of their home ELT, so that their vote comes from the majority of the class. Mrs. Rodriguez is adamant about making this student run and operated. “Let students decide what this will look like.” If you are looking for a good leadership position, be on the lookout for announcements regarding the Student Senate. It should be an amazing group, don't pass it up!

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