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Students Standouts

Hannah Cole

Monday November 27

Noah Bedia

Recognized by Ms. Bates for being an exemplary student by showing off his determination in sports and academics. As a freshman, he plays on the varsity football team and baseball. Not only is he a star on the field, he is also one in the classroom. “He’s very smart and respectful”

Jaden Banks

Jaden Banks, a sophomore, is a very devoted student in Auto. Mr. Grace nominated Jaden due to his attentiveness in class, his great attitude, and his willingness to help his peers. “He stays in my auto class every morning. He works on classwork and helps prepare jobs for the next class.”. Jaden shows the true spirit of a Bulldog.

Kristina Ostafeychuk

Kristina, a Junior at Ramona high school, was recommended for student standouts by Mr. Albanese. “She comes to class with a positive attitude every day and demonstrates an eagerness to learn and improve herself with every opportunity she gets.” With Russian being her first language, she also speaks English fluently as she is learning to speak Spanish. With challenges of learning multiple new languages, she conquers them with a smile.

Natalie Wrenn

Recognized by two of her teachers, Natalie Wrenn demonstrates incredible leadership. As a senior, she is a cheerleader and an active member of ASB. Recognized by Ms. Snodgrass for her leadership in ASB with her eager attitude, and a positive energy. “Those who work under her leadership know she cares and they have grown as leaders themselves.” She was recognized by Ms. King as well for being “ exceptional leader on our campus who always serves to improve our student culture and Bulldog pride!”

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