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Swim Senior Night

Updated: May 6

Henry Pepich


On April 19th, the Ramona Highschool Swim and Dive team hosted their senior night meet against the Fallbrook Warriors. Every race was a close call, with intense competition between the two teams. The Warriors finished with only a few more points in both Boys varsity and Girls varsity, winning the meet. Even with the loss, the bulldogs were excited to recognize their seniors who helped lead them to a near flawless record this season. Being recognized for their hard work and dedication throughout this season as well as the rest of their highschool swim careers were Kayla Gomper, Jayden Mitchell, Justin Setterberg, Jordan Isham, and Logan Werner. We got a chance to talk to them during their celebration, and ask a few questions about their time swimming at Ramona high school.

First, we talked to boys captain Jayden Mitchell and asked what his favorite part of being on the team this year has been. He said, “I really love the people. This group is great. Not only are they super motivated, they have fun too. It's really been a pleasure being captain this year." 

We also talked to girls captain Kayla Gomper about what she's going to miss from being on the team. She told us, “I'm really gonna miss my BFF Lola and all the other girls. Bonding and improving with them is what I look forward to everyday.”

After hearing about their love for their highschool team, we wanted to find out what the seniors are planning to do once they graduate. 

Backstroker Logan Werner explained to us, “I'm planning on going to the University of Hawaii to get a degree in environmental science. I don’t really want to keep swimming in college, I want to focus on my degree and try to find opportunities to do new things.” Distance swimmer Justin Setterberg told us he was excited to keep swimming in college, “I'm gonna attend California Lutheran University, and swim on their team. I'm looking forward to this opportunity to take my swimming to the next level.”

The seniors have made a lot of lasting memories this season, and we wanted to hear what their favorite ones were.  

Sprinter Jordan Isham told us that his favorite memory was probably the meet against Fallbrook that had just taken place. “The amount of energy everyone had was insane. Even though we lost, I know everyone gave it their all and that was really special to see. It's not every meet that we get challenged like this, but I feel like my team really came through.”

Jayden Mitchell and Kayla Gomper both agreed that the Mission Viejo trip, a multi school meet that the team attends in the middle of the season in the Anaheim area, was their favorite part of the season, as they had made great memories while there. 

Throughout the season, the senior swimmers have shown their remarkable determination and resilience, both in lifting their teammates to victory and supporting them through challenges. The entire team is thankful for the significant contributions of this year's seniors and is going to miss them alot going into the next season.

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