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Biliteracy Night

Mason Dwork


For students of Ramona High School interested in the whereabouts of the awards for Biliteracy Night, the award ceremony will be the same day as Senior Awards Night on May 23, 2024. The award ceremony is catered specifically for students who are academically proficient in both English and a secondary language, and have passed AP proficiency tests for both languages. The awards are invitation only meaning only a select number of students will be picked, and there is certain criteria that needs to be met.

These criteria being: Successfully passing 4 years of a foreign language, have a 3.0 overall gpa, getting a 3 or above on language AP exam, or by passing the SAT with a 600 or higher and passing an oral competency test. The event will be hosted at a quad stage near the gym, and the award given to students is a California state approved seal on your diploma that recognizes your accomplishments for a foreign language and is extremely valuable for anyone interested in college. So if you’re an individual interested in winning such an award, talk to Mrs. Viscarra at the counseling office and you might just be one of those lucky students on stage!

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