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Scholarship Night

Updated: May 6

Mason Dworak


On May 23, 2024 students who turn in a local scholarship packet will have the chance to receive an invitation to the Ramona Scholarship Night. Invitations will be selected 3 weeks before the event and only a select batch of students will actually be able to attend and seats are limited, with a max of 2 individuals per person being able to attend as guests. Presenters at the event will be giving away a mysterious amount of awards to anyone invited, meaning attendees will not know exactly what they won or how much they won but if you are at the event you are guaranteed a prize! 

The event will be held at the Quad Stage at the front of the gym and everyone who was invited will get a thank you card and photos at the end. So if you are a student interested in trying your luck at getting a possible scholarship then turn in a scholarship packet to Mrs. Viscara before the event and who knows, it might just be your lucky break and you could get selected!

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