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Graduation Information

 Oliver Landers


This year, the RHS Senior Class will be graduating on June 6. Over 300 students from all 3 high schools in the district will be walking the field. The seniors are finally able to explore this new chapter of their lives.

     Guest tickets will be distributed to graduate seniors on the day of the last graduation practice. 10 tickets will be distributed by default - if you require more, please email or speak to Antoinette Rodriguez in person. The ceremony will start at 7:00pm, but parents and families are invited to begin seating at 5:30pm.

     Please be mindful of the code of conduct for the event. Graduates will be breathalyzed before the event and failure to pass may result in the holding of your diploma. Heels will not be allowed on the field turf. Professional dress is required under your gown. Please remember to wear your tassel on the right side of your head prior to and during the ceremony, as the whole senior class will be flipping them aside together!

     Graduation leis are a great gift to give to your graduating senior. They will be sold at the gate at graduation. More info about leis will be published on canvas, you can also inquire at the ASB window. 

     If you are a senior and would like to be interviewed about your feelings surrounding graduation, please email Oliver Landers at

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