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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Valen Frederick

November 11, 2023

Familiarizing “Scholarships”

To start, for all the individuals that don’t aren’t aware of what a scholarship is, scholarships are beneficial and can lead to saving thousands of dollars in college that pays for all of one’s school expenses, tuition, school supplies, housing, food, software, etc. Scholarships are given by colleges that deem you worthy for it and are based on one’s academic merit. Although scholarships may not be a full-ride (the full 4 years of college) and could only be 1-3 years, they still save money and could be extended if you ask and prove to the colleges that you deserve it.

How to Get a Scholarship

Next, how one gets a scholarship is determined by a person’s eligibility for one. This can be determined by if they have valid academic merit, if they financially need it, or it could possibly be both. Then, you would need to file for the FAFSA in order to receive a scholarship. You would have to write an essay based on the prompt provided by the scholarship provider or a video assignment. After the essay has been completed, you’d need to collect all the material that would enhance your image as a worthy candidate for a scholarship such as transcripts, ID, test scores, and letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, mentors, or anyone who is outside of your family. Finally, you would have to get this all done by the deadline that would be posted.

Scholarship Programs and Websites



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