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Parking Pass Info

Hannah Cole


Do you have your license and are questioning whether or not it's worth it to pay for a parking pass? It definitely is!! The Parking Permit ensures that you are parking in a safe environment by requiring you and your peers to have a driver's license, an insured and registered vehicle, as well as participation in one educational class which informs students about the dangers of driving unsafely. A parking permit costs twenty dollars for the full first year, a parking permit can be purchased second semester for ten dollars. Each additional parking permit after the first one is five dollars. Students can only park in the parking lot designated for them in front of the PAW building and auto. 

The Start Smart Course is one class which is free for students to take and they only have to take it once with the accompaniment of a guardian. The next Start Smart classes will be taking place on Tuesday at 6:00  pm on March 19th and May 21st in the PAW building. These classes are lectured by a California Highway Patrol officer and during this they showcase statistics, stories, and videos about the harsh realities of why it is so important to drive safely.

Seniors can also purchase parking spots underneath the dollar panels in the Student Parking lot. Besides the benefit of shade, seniors can paint the two paw prints located in their parking space. A reserved parking spot costs $140 including the cost of a parking permit. In order to start painting their paw prints they have to submit a design proposal and get it approved

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